Quantity pour 1 capsule DUOCAPTM   % RI*

Fish oil  432mg

Of which DHA    250 mg

Vitamin B3     5.3mg   33%

Vitamin B5   2 mg   33%

Vitamin B12     0,83 μg  33%

Vitamin B8     17µg  33%

Vitamin B6     0.47 mg  33%

Vitamin B9     66.8 μg   33%

Vitamin B1     0.37mg   33%

Magnésium   56 mg   15 %

Melatonin     1 mg


Diomega+ Stress/Sleep targets fatigue, worries and stress that accumulate at the expense of well-being and mental health.

Dietary supplement based on DHA of marine origin (250mg 100% RI) associated with a Magnesium complex, Group B vitamins and melatonin (1mg).

DHA contributes to normal brain function: the beneficial effect is obtained for a daily intake of 250mg of DHA or one capsule.

Magnesium, folate, vitamins B6 and B12 contribute to a normal psychological function and reduce fatigue

Melatonin helps reduce the time to fall asleep

30 capsules DUOCAP – 1 capsule/day – 1 month

Presented in box of 30 capsules in blister pack

Price : 29,90€



  • DIOMEGA + is the result of research to present an innovative range combining ultra-concentrated marine DHA and other assets interesting from a nutritional and / or physiological point of view (vitamins, minerals …)
  • DIOMEGA + is also a unique dosage form (DUOCAP TM) allowing in a single dose per day an intake of 250mg of DHA (effective dose) and the protection and controlled release of complementary vitamins or minerals interesting from a nutritional and / or physiological point of view but incompatible with one another.



Nutritional balance

A nutritional solution based on Omega contributing to the necessary balance of essential fatty acids: DHA, EPA, ALA